What Topics to Talk to Women About – 10 Things to Get You Started


Are you nervous about talking with women? Are you looking for an easy way to begin a conversation with that cute girl at the bar? Do you need some topics to talk to women about? I've got 10 different topics that you can use to break the ice, and get her talking.

1. The weather. Yes, this is not very exciting and may not last for long, but everyone's experienced weather, and it's a good way to start the conversation off somewhere safe, and then you can go on to deeper subjects from there.

2. Interests / hobbies. Just ask her what she likes to do for fun. You never know how much you'll end up having in common or being able to talk about.

3. Aspirations. She probably wanted to do something with her life, so ask her about her dreams.

4. Pop culture. Movies, music, latest fashion trends, celebrity gossip, etc. If she keeps up with pop culture, you'll have a lot to talk about here.

5. Interests. You can ask her what she's interested in: favorite movies, favorite book, games she likes to play, the type of foods she enjoys, where she likes to go to have fun. This will give you some great ideas if you plan on asking her out.

6. Work or School. Ask her where she works, or if she's going to school. If you're not familiar with the type of job she has, ask for details. Chances are she's got some good stories about work, so let her tell you all about it.

7. Family. Everyone has one, so this is a great conversation topic. But because some people did not have a good childhood, be sensitive if she's not willing to talk about it.

8. Religion. If you are, or even if you are not, this is something a lot of girls like to talk about. Remember not to turn it into a debate, though. If you disagree, just change the subject.

9. Politics. Like religion, this can be a touchy subject, but even people on opposite sides can have a decent conversation if they are civil about it. See above for warnings.

10. Sports. Some girls are heavily into sports, or at least have a couple of teams that they cheer for, so go ahead and ask her about her favorite sport and if she ever played. This could be a great topic to talk about, but it might not be, so be ready to talk about something else if it's not something she's interested in.

I've given you 10 different topics that you can choose from to talk to any woman about. These are all things that can lead to long conversations, possibly that you can suggest be continued on a date. Remember to really listen when she's talking, and to change the subject when she seems bored or irritated. Be prepared with each new subject to be asking questions that will lead to a story or at least a full sentence, rather than a simple "yes" or "no." For example, rather than asking "Do you like watching movies?" Ask "What kinds of movies do you like to watch?


Source by Audrey G Wright

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