Why Do Restaurants Waste Food?


Food is a perishable item, if you do not eat it, it rots, and you can not keep it forever – a restaurant must sell it, throw it away, or donate it. Well, the best of all worlds for the restaurant is to sell it all with no remaining stale inventory, and the second best is to donate the unused food to help feed homeless, poor, or destitute right? Absolutely.

Not long ago, I read a business plan mission statement and executive summary for a nonprofit startup group in Atlanta to help feed the poor. Sona, the founder noted; "Making it simpler to donate these items for both the food bank and the business would absolutely increase this percentage, perhaps by creating an iPhone / Droid application."

Brilliant idea – makes sense to me. Sounds like something a creative genius would come up with, a solution based idea, good thinking Sona! Additionally, she pondered the idea of ​​a website where companies could list what was available for immediate pickup by volunteers, again brilliant and then it's only about logistics after that – take it to the "nearest accepting food bank or homeless shelter and possibly provide the delivery And distribution service. "

Again, I totally agree, brilliant plan. Yes, and one of the biggest problems is restaurants want to donate, but those who donate too can not handle the inconsistency of the pick-up volunteers. Volunteers are rude, and "beggars can not be choosers," so, these companies just give up trying to help and throw the stuff out.

WalMart has been AWESOME in donating refrigerators to food banks, it's amazing, and food too. What a fabulous company, they should get the "Medal of Honor" from the President, I'd give it to them if I were running things. Too, between them, Sam's Club and their list of membership, along with local chambers of commerce, we've got enough food to completely "Ditch" food stamps in America, together 45% of the people on food stamps are abusing the system or Do not really need them.

I think it is important for folks like Sona to dream and care, and come up with brilliant solutions like this. Also understand that there is a reality in America, and a created reality on the political side – they are not the same – and to solve the problem one must "actually solve the problem" which I think is what WalMart was thinking with their pledges to This challenge wasted food.

Sona has a brilliant mind, and she wants to leverage social networks, mobile technology, and make this happen, why not, and with a little help from the business community, she can too. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.


Source by Lance Winslow

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